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Frequently Asked Questions

Genie Products strives for 100% customer satisfaction.  We are here to assist you with all of your metallizing requirements.  For additional information, please contact our Customer Service at (603) 223-2100 or Customerservice_concord@praxair.com

Whom do I contact for information about Genie Products’ parts?

For an immediate response, Monday – Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM EST, phone Customer Service at (603) 223-2100.

 Are Genie Products’ parts and services available world-wide?

Genie Products supplies products to customers world-wide. Genie Products maintains the same commitment to quick delivery and 100% satisfaction to our customers around the globe as we do to customers in North America.

My operation is currently down.  How quickly can I get replacement parts shipped from Genie Products? 

Genie Products maintains an inventory of replacement parts for all torches we manufacture.  If the part is in stock, we will ship the same day with normal delivery in two to three days.  We can also do expedited shipping so parts arrive the next day. 

 Do Genie Products’ part numbers differ from the OEM’s? 

Yes.  Genie Products assigns their own part numbers to all products they manufacture.  Please see the expanded torch diagrams in the Parts/Services section for a partial list of company part numbers.  For additional information, please contact Customer Service.

 What is the procedure for retuning a product to Genie Products?

Returns are not a problem.  For assistance, please contact Customer Service at (603) 223-2100 or Customerservice_concord@praxair.com. After determining why the product has not met your requirements, an RMA will be issued and you will receive credit for the returned product.

 What other products and services does Genie Products offer?

In an effort to be responsive to our customers’ requirements, Genie Products now offers an expanded range of services, along with consumables for many torches.   Our engineering department has the capability of modifying products to meet specific spray criteria. Genie Products can also work with customers in building a complete spray system.  For additional information, please contact Customer Service at (603) 223-2100 or Customerservice_concord@praxair.com.