Genie Products is recognized world wide for quality products, exceptional service and innovative solutions for situations requiring unique plasma spray and HVOF applications. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 registered; your assurance of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our customer service department is available to answer questions about any of our products or services. From torches to replacement parts, hoses, cables, adapters and other consumables, your first and only stop for consistent quality and responsive customer service is Genie Products Inc.

                We also offer specialty items: 
  • Hoses and cables in non-standard lengths
  • Hose and cable adapters
  • Powders in small or large quantities
  • Parts for older torches

Genie Products manufactures parts for General Electric (GE), JP, JP5000, GP9, HVOF, Thermal Spray, Diamond Jet (DJ),  and DJ2700
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